Tennessee Black Caucus protest George Floyd’s death

WATCH: Tennessee Black Caucus protest George Floyd's death

Tennessee — State lawmakers with the Tennessee Black Caucus were very candid claiming that what happened to George Floyd is not an isolated incident.

To make matters worse, President Donald Trump tweet on the viral incident angered many Americans.

He is getting backlash from this Tweet that states “These thugs are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd."

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He was referencing the protest in Minneapolis that left a police station on fire.

Tennessee State Representative London Lamar joined members of the Tennessee Black Caucus during a frank conversation about Trump’s Tweet and the death of George Floyd.

London Lamar said, “This Friday morning around midnight, president Donald Trump sent out a tweet saying he believes if you loot then you start shooting and right now we don’t have the support from our president who is encouraging more killings of African Americans and also we’re at risk here in the legislature with the permitless gun carry".

This week’s incidents led State leaders to encourage members of their district to take a stand against racial barriers when it comes to health, economics, education, housing, elections, voting rights, and injustice.

“So if anything we are encouraging ourselves as black members of our community to do more to fight against racial injustice because it’s a problem in this country as you can see time and time again as more video comes out", said Lamar.

G.A. Hardaway said, “we know all the police aren’t bad but we want you to understand that all black folks ain’t criminals.”

State leaders are pushing for reform measures to address major issues that have impacted our society for decades.

“I’m appalled, I’m sick to my stomach, I want to throw up right now from what I’ve seen,” said Jesse Chism.