Tennessee governor says attendance restrictions on sporting events should be lifted

TENNESSEE — Is it time to let stadiums and arenas open to full capacity?

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee thinks so.

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The governor made his case for loosening restrictions during his appearance on a national sports radio show Wednesday morning.

Tennessee’s governor started the day on the Outkick the coverage radio show.

Lee told host Clay Travis restrictions on attendance for events across Tennessee needed to be lifted especially at outdoor venues like Autozone Park and Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium.

“Absolutely, I mean anyone who goes to that event has the opportunity to be vaccinated or made the choice not to be vaccinated, and that means that it’s now up to the individuals to make the decisions. No one is being put at risk that doesn’t choose to be put at risk, " Lee said.

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While some stadiums across the country have dropped limitations, the governor said it is also time to let things get back to full capacity at indoor events like Grizzlies games at FedExForum.

“Yeah I think it is and there is something that we have to remember, we all live with some level of risk every single day for a number of different things. Covid was new last year and brought a lot of unknowns but we now know what the risk is,” the governor said.

Governor Lee has said he is against the idea of requiring vaccinations to get into games.