Tennessee health officials release final report on Shelby County Health Department’s wasted vaccine doses

SHELBY COUNTY — The Tennessee Department of Health released a final report on the Shelby County Health Department’s mishandling of thousands of COVID-19 vaccines.

FOX13′s Shelia O’Connor spoke with the interim health director to see how the report will create change in the future.

The scandal rocked the Shelby County Health Department after more than 2,000 vaccine doses were wasted, some were stolen by a volunteer and two children even received vaccines.

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This prompted the TDH to launch an investigation.

The investigation led to the termination of the pharmacy nurse and the resignation of the health department’s director, Dr. Alisa Haushalter.

The report says investigators found deficiencies in the management of vaccines.

Mainly, vaccines going to waste due to a large supply of unused doses and inadequate record keeping.

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FOX13 asked interim director LaSonya Hall about her thoughts on the final report.

It’s something she and her team are still going through.

“Once we have the chance to really comb through the report, we’ll address if any other additional measures on our end are needed,” she said.

FOX13 also asked Hall if she had any idea on what changes will come about from this final report.

“It would be premature for me to speak to that right now only because we’ve got to assess what we’ve already been doing and determine if there are any adjustments needed on our part,” she said.

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As far as when Hall expects to be fully briefed on the report, it’s a timeline she doesn’t have.

“We will sort of imbed that all into moving, getting a new director, getting all of those programs and such re-established,” Hall said. “We really just have a lot on our plate right now, so it’s hard to nail down a timeline.”

You can read the full report from the TDH below.