Tennessee lawmakers propose school vouchers for students impacted by COVID-19 protocols

TENNESSEE — Tennessee lawmakers have proposed a bill that would allow parents who disagree with COVID-19 protocols in their school district to remove their child from the school and use a voucher to attend a different school of their choosing.

The bill was filed this week in the Tennessee General Assembly.

Documents show the bill would create school vouchers to be funded by local municipalities and the state for parents who believe their child was impacted by certain COVID-19 protocols in their district.

The vouchers would be available to students in districts where they were not offered 180 days in class due to the pandemic or where a mask mandate was imposed.

Students who were refused exemption from the mask mandate would also be included, records show.

The bill would not cover students who were not exempt due to a mask mandate imposed from executive, court, public health, or other legal order.

Should the bill become law, parents could send their child to private school with state and local funds.