Tennessee ranks in top 10 for worst drivers, study says

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — If you get frustrated driving in Tennessee, you aren’t alone.

A new report found Tennessee ranks in the top 10 for having the worst drivers in the nation.

According to QuoteWizard, the state ranked number 9.

Iowa drivers ranked as the worst while California came in fourth.

Some of the states ranked for the best drivers were New Hampshire, Kentucky, and Arizona.

QuoteWizard analysts reviewed over two million car insurance quotes to rank each state based on four contributing factors: Accidents, DUIs, Speeding Tickets and Citations.

Tennessee took the top spot when it comes to accidents, as drivers in this state got in more accidents than any other state.

Michigan had the lowest number of accidents.

Tennessee drivers also ranked high in most DUIs, coming in second behind Wyoming.

However, Tennessee had the lowest number of citations. The most common citations are for things like texting while driving, not wearing a seat belt, and failure to signal. But while these citations may seem relatively minor, they are bad driving habits that can lead to bigger problems.

Mississippi drivers ranked second in getting the fewest speeding tickets.

Hawaii had the highest number of speeders overall. New Mexico drivers got the fewest speeding tickets.

You can find the full report along with detailed rankings for each state here.