Tennessee reports historic early voter turnout numbers

WATCH: Tennessee reports historic early voter turnout numbers

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — Tennesseans are more than a week into early voting and so far, election officials have reported historic early voter turnout numbers.

From voting in-person to mail-in ballots, voters are showing up to the polls for the 2020 Election.

Friday FOX13 spoke with the Secretary of State Tre Hargett about early voting turnout and how quickly will election results be processed on Nov. 3.

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Throughout the election, Hargett has visited 77 different counties including Shelby County where he praised voters for being kind and respectful. He said people are determined to vote at the polls and he gave credit to the election officials on the county level for following plans and procedures to make the polling site clean and safe.

“Officials across the state at the county level have done a fantastic job of implementing the guidance and plans we have put together to keep voters safe and election officials safe,” said Hargett.

Even though voters are enthusiastic about the election or may have a heightened sense of urgency, voters should be ready to pack their patience on Election Day.

Hargett says accuracy will outweigh a quick turnaround on Election Day.

“Understand if all the votes are not counted by midnight on election night it’s not that something nefarious has gone on. There is nothing to that. We want to make sure we count the votes right,” said Hargett.

It is encouraged to get to the polls before Election Day.

Early voting for Tennesseans ends Thursday, Oct. 29.