Tennessee teachers wait for guidance on critical race theory ban

TENNESSEE — In less than a month, a ban on teaching critical race theory in Tennessee schools will become law, but teachers won’t learn what they can and cannot teach until just days before the new school year starts.

State education commissioner Penny Schwinn will announce guidance by Aug. 1.

Schwinn is meeting with the state’s attorney general to collaborate on guidance for teachers.

Right now, there is little to no clarity as to how the state will enforce and monitor how teachers will follow the ban of teaching critical race theory.

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Critical race theory examines the ways in which race and racism influence American politics, culture and the law.

The law bans teachers from teaching or having conversations centered around race and racism in society.

The teaching of critical race theory is considered divisive, according to how the law is written.

Governor Bill Lee signed the bill several weeks ago.

If school districts are not in compliance with the new law, their funding could take a bit hit as a penalty.

The state will not provide training on the matter, just guidance.

Training will be left up to school districts.