Thanksgiving shoppers rush to get turkeys on the table

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Thursday families will be enjoying each other’s company and eating together, but there were still some shoppers rushing to supply their tables for Thanksgiving on Wednesday.

FOX13 spoke with shoppers out and about still preparing for Turkey Day.

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“Yeah, the price is terrible, man. The prices on everything are terrible,” said David Pollan.

He decided to get shopping done early to save himself the holiday stress and was able to get all of his Thanksgiving favorites.

“Turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole. Just all the same stuff, you know,” said Pollan.

Pollan says he wouldn’t be having as easy a time trying to supply food if he were shopping this late for Thanksgiving.

“I’m totally relieved,” said Pollan, “I always go early.”

Workers at local Kroger grocery stores have described it like this.

“It’s just pure chaos,” said Brittney Roberts. “People are looking for everything. We’re short on certain items.”

But shoppers like Kareem Khudheir didn’t have to come across that problem.

“So honestly, I usually get my Thanksgiving shopping done like a week in advance, but today I’m going the day before,” said Khudheir.

Khudheir said he didn’t feel stressed out because his family members took care of getting food like the turkey in advance.

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Considering the turkey is the star of the show, it allows shoppers like Khudheir to get things that may be stocked and easy to find.

“Honestly, not bad at all. They had everything I needed. The shelves are packed,” said Khudheir, “Nothing was missing, so I’m not mad at all.”

It’s just one of those days where time is of the essence for many families.

“People are just trying to get everything to make a good Thanksgiving meal for their families,” said Roberts.

If people are still having a hard time finding Thanksgiving necessities, it may be worth checking out other grocery outlets like ALDI or Costco this close to the holiday.