‘That’s one less person out there to help us’: Friend remembers firefighter killed in crash

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The city of Memphis is mourning the death of a beloved firefighter. David Pleasant was killed in a crash Wednesday night as he drove a city fire engine to a call in South Memphis.

“It’s always a shock when someone you know, someone you have ridden with, passes away,” said Tulio Bertorini.

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Memphis firefighter David Pleasant: a hero, a community servant, a father killed in the line of duty.

“Real great guy, great person to chat with on the rides. All around great guy,” said Bertorini.

Pleasant, a 32-year veteran of the Memphis Fire Department, died in a crash on the way to a house fire.

Investigators said the wreck happened on Wednesday night at Danny Thomas Boulevard and E.H. Crump Boulevard.

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Pleasant and four others, including three other firefighters, were rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but Pleasant died from his injuries.

“It’s always sad when a firefighter loses their life because that’s one less person out there to help us when we’re in trouble,” said Bertorini.

Bertorini said he had known Pleasant since 2012. The two were members of the Memphis Hightailers Bike Club.

“One of my fondest memories with him, I don’t remember the year, but we rode together in the MS-150, multiple sclerosis, and we rode, had lunch at one of the stops, and it was a great experience,” said Bertorini.

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Bertorini reminded drivers to respect first responders rushing to emergencies.

“There’s a fire station close to my house, and I have to pass it on a regular basis. And when they turn their lights on, you would think everyone would pull over, but everyone is going about their business. So, if you’re a motorist, you see the lights, slow down, pull over to the side,” said Bertorini.