Thieves targeting local car dealerships during coronavirus outbreak

WATCH: Thieves targeting local car dealerships during coronavirus outbreak

MID-SOUTH — Several owners of car dealerships in the Midsouth told FOX13’s Jeremy Pierre bold thieves have broken into their car dealerships, stolen keys and made their way off their lots with vehicles.

It’s not only happened in Collierville, but Memphis, Olive Branch, Southaven, and even West Memphis.

Greater Memphis Auto Dealers Association President, Kent Ritchey told Jeremy the thieves obviously have forced their way in to get whatever they want.

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Ritchey said at Landers Ford in Collierville, the thieves managed to steal one vehicle.

“We have one dealership where 15 of them got on the dealership and used brickbats,” Ritchey said.

Ritchey said the massive group of criminals has stolen cars from a total of nine stores all over the Mid-South in the past ten days.

Ritchey told Jeremy a dealership even got hit two times in one day.

“They go in, search the premises for any key they can find," he said. “If they can find a key or they can break into where the keys are stored and go outside with a hand full of keys and starts clicking it. Find the ones that start jump in it and leave.”

Ritchey said police have been notified of the thefts and stolen cars have even been recovered.

“Six municipalities and six police departments are involved in this and all of them have been called out," he said. “We have had two high-speed chases that had to be called off because the speeds got so excessive.”