Sunshine returning as temperatures remain below freezing

MID-SOUTH — The snow has exited the FOX13 viewing area but road hazards remain a major concern.

Roads across the Mid-South are expected to refreeze. Black ice, hard to see ice pockets on the roadways, is expected.

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Latest update

COLD temps are returning to the FOX13 viewing area tonight.

Some roads experienced partial melting today under strong sunlight but are already re-freezing into sheets of ice as sunset deepens.

The overnight low will be 11° (that’s not the windchill … that’s the temperature). The wind chill readings will be limited tonight as winds are expected to be calmed.

The calm winds will be leading to another concern: patchy fog which can become patchy “freezing” fog in these conditions.

We’ll warm up to near 50 on Sunday with showers arriving in the evening.

The warmer air and rain closing out the weekend should give the melting process a significant boost.

Please drive carefully as frozen roads late tonight, early Saturday, and again Saturday night into Sunday will be treacherous.

When the sun sets, black ice will be a MAJOR problem!

You might be able to see the blacktop of the road but a thin layer of ice could be coating it.

Skies will be mostly clear with lows into the 10s.

We get above freezing by noon Saturday for the first time since 10 p.m. Wednesday February 10.

This ties the all-time record for days in a row with 32°F or colder in Memphis first set back in 1899.

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Lots of melting will happen as we get to a high of 40°F Saturday with mostly sunny skies.

More black ice and refreezing at night.

Tracking temps up to 50°F by Sunday with clouds increasing.

Some light rain is likely Sunday night into Monday morning.

Rain clears out Monday morning with 50s in the afternoon.

Temps rise into the low 60s by the middle of the week and most roads will have dramatically improved.

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