‘This is a hospital. It is supposed to be clean’: Man upset after visiting sister in hospital

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — A Tate County man is angry and calling for something to be done after he says his sister’s hospital room at Baptist Memorial Hospital-DeSoto was filthy.

He shot video of her room and shared it with FOX13.

Chad Romero said when he went to visit his sister in ICU stepdown her room was trashed.

“I come to visit my sister in the hospital and see everything. What the hell is this, and this, and this?” Romero could be heard saying in the video.

Romero told FOX13 that when he went to visit his sister at Baptist Memorial Hospital-DeSoto on Thursday, two weeks after her surgery, he was stunned by what he found.

“I was mad, so I started cursing and yelling and screaming,” Romero said. “Why does my sister’s room like this? Her bag, her catheter bag is leaking on the sheets onto her bed.”

In the video, you can see medical supplies piled on the counter, along with what appear to be used gloves, an over-stuffed garbage can, medical trash on the floor and a meal tray and blankets strewn on a couch.

Romero said he went to the nurses’ station for answers but got none.

“The room is a disaster, and all they can say is ‘Calm down, Sir.’ No, I can’t calm down. Something needs to be done. Action needs to be taken,” Romero said. “This is a hospital. It is supposed to be clean. If she has a bacteria eating up her back, but y’all are leaving junk still sitting on the back of the bed, and she is in ICU stepdown.”

Romero told FOX13 he was escorted out of the hospital by a doctor and security, but not before shooting video.

“All the way out the front door because I was loud, because I was taking pictures and videos. They didn’t want it to be on camera. Well, it’s out there now,” Romero said.

Romero told FOX13 he is looking for an attorney and wants to take legal action against the hospital.

“People work and they have bills to pay. They can’t sit up there with the hospital 24-7 to make sure the hospital is doing their job. The hospital is getting paid. They need to do their job,” Romero said.

Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation issued the following statement regarding Chad Romero’s concerns:

Our leadership team is aware of this situation and extenuating circumstances that sometimes arise in complex medical care. Unfortunately, this video does not provide a complete picture of the situation or the compassionate care that our staff provides. We understand how difficult any hospitalization is for patients and their family members. We are committed to providing the best care and most comfortable experience, even during challenging circumstances.