‘This virus is real': Mother continues to warn the community after daughter dies from COVID-19

WATCH: 'This virus is real': Mother continues to warn the community after daughter dies from COVID-19

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A family was shattered as they grappled with the untimely death of a loved one because of COVID-19.

Two weeks ago, FOX13 introduced a young woman who was in the hospital because of the virus.

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Lameshia, Missy, Polk’s health continued to deteriorate while she was in the hospital.

“Oh, I’m gonna miss her so much. Oh, my God,” said Carla Polk Rubin, Polk’s mother.

Polk’s family said she traveled to Atlanta to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

When she arrived, she felt sick, went to the hospital and was diagnosed with COVID-19.

“What did she do wrong?” Rubin asked. “She wasn’t a bad kid. She was a sweetheart.”

Within a matter of days of the diagnosis, Polk's heart stopped beating for four minutes and she was pronounced brain dead.

After weeks on life support, she was moved to hospice and her family could visit.

“She was breathing so hard,” Rubin said. “I mean using every muscle in her body. Something you never want to see.”

The day Polk died, her mother called her brother on Facetime to let him say goodbye.

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“He said sister girl, she was making a gurgling sound,” she said. “And when I turned the camera to her, I didn’t hear that anymore and that quick she was already gone.”

Polk is gone but her family wanted people to remember her as a caring, generous and fun person.

“We would do Tik Toks as a family,” said Davarious Scullark, Polk’s nephew. “She would come in here rap and say, ‘It’s Missy-pooh.’”

They begged young people to take the virus seriously.

“Please, please, you’re not invincible to this virus,” she said. “This virus is real: it’s dangerous.”

The family will hold a candlelight vigil Friday at the Lester Community Center at 6:30 p.m.

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