This year marks 12 years since a Mid-South woman received the gift of life: A double lung transplant

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — She’s thanking the donor’s family that made it possible for her to keep living.

Beverly White is urging people to become organ donors.

“I’m still here by the grace of God, and I’m thankful. So thankful,” said Beverly White.

White got emotional thinking about the day she was in dire need of a double lung transplant.

Not only did she get her wish, White keeps in touch with the family who allowed her to have a second chance at life.

“I am so very, very grateful, and I am honored that you blessed me to be here and you could have given her lungs to anyone, but I was in dire need of lungs, and you didn’t know all of that, but you knew I needed them although we had never met,” said White.

Kim Pounds’ daughter Valentina Pounds was 32 when she died from an injection in her neck.

Pounds said the doctor hit the main artery.

“I’m really blessed that she got both of my daughter’s lungs because she’s really amazing and everything and I’m just really proud of her,” said Pounds.

Doctors told White she wouldn’t have lived to see the next day if she hadn’t received the gift of life.

“I didn’t find this out until after I got the lungs. There were two people there for the lungs: myself and someone else and the doctors told me that, the other person, they were going to give that person the other lung but I was a perfect match and I had to get both of them,” said White.

White said there were tens of thousands of people that were on that waiting list, but she was one of the few that was a perfect match.