Thousands of SCS students haven’t logged in to virtual class, SCS says

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shelby County Schools said thousands of students have still not logged into virtual class after more than two weeks into the school year.

“We’re trying to figure out what is happening. They have not picked up their device and not have logged in on another platform. We do know that around 2,100 students of that 5,000 have logged on at least once,” said SCS Chief of Communications Jerica Phillips.

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The district reports that nearly 90,000 students (97%) have picked up their district-issued device. While just over 5,000 students (3%) have yet to pick up their district device, more than 2,000 of these students are still logging on to district learning platforms. This indicates that some students are logging on for virtual learning on a non-district issued device.

Phillips said some students may have transferred or families have changed their contact info.

“We normally drop no-shows by the first week of school, but this time we’re giving families a little more time. We want to do our diligence,” said Phillips.

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The district is working to help families that may need transportation to pick up devices. Phillips also spoke to the possibility of school re-opening in January.

“We will hopefully hear from the superintendent soon around the metrics. He’s shared some, but he’s still following the science, so we’ll continue to work closely with the Health Department and other health officials in regard to returning to in-person instruction,” said Phillips.

SCS has launched a campaign called iChooseSCS and an initiative called Recruitment, Retention and Reclaiming Students to work on students they may have lost. The district is encouraging all parents to reach out to their children’s school if they have any questions.