Three arrested at alleged drag racing event

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police arrested at least three people during what appeared to be a drag racing event Saturday night in the Berclair area.

Some people who travel that section of Memphis told FOX13 this happens all too often and it’s extremely dangerous.

A FOX13 viewer shared a video of the incident. In it, gunfire can be heard in a parking lot on Summer Ave. and Perkins.

The closed strip mall parking lot has become a magnet for people wanting to drag race.

FOX13 counted around 50 cars in the video that can be seen driving dangerously and doing figure-8′s in the parking lot.

When Memphis police arrived, some of the cars, drivers, and passengers tried to speed away.

FOX13 emailed MPD to find out what happened.

The department said it arrested at least one person, detained two people, one of them had an active warrant for carjacking.

Officers impounded three cars.

In one case it was because the driver didn’t have a license, registration, or insurance.

Another car, a white Mercedes Benz, was seized because officers believe it was used to transport drugs.

One person who witnessed the whole event told FOX13 drag racers hold these meetups in different parts of the city.

This time was different because they got caught.

FOX13 emailed MPD to find out why officers didn’t arrest more people at the parking lot for drag racing.

We also wanted to know why officers were not ready for this event since it had been mentioned on social media among some people, although privately.

FOX13 is waiting on a response and will update this story as soon as it’s available.