Tigers baseball player hears name called in MLB Draft

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Hunter Goodman’s diamond dreams came true during the MLB draft Monday, hearing his name as the fourth-round selection by the Colorado Rockies.

“I got a call from my agents about 5 minutes before the pick happened,” Goodman said. “They called me and said that the Rockies are looking at you at pick 109.”

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The Arlington native still had a year of eligibility left at Memphis but said this was the perfect time to take his game to the next level, especially after finishing this past season tied fourth in the nation with 21 home runs.

“I think another year of going to college, it wouldn’t go as well in the draft next year,” he said. “I don’t think I would have got drafted as high next year or received as much money or anything like that.”

Goodman finishes his Tigers career hitting .323 with 29 doubles, 41 homers and 149 RBIs.

He came onto the college scene ready to go, earning multiple freshman All-American honors.

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Goodman said being able to showcase his talents right away should be a lesson for upcoming recruits.

“What kids I feel like don’t understand sometimes is if you go somewhere smaller and you get to play earlier you’re gonna get your chance to get drafted,” he said. “You don’t have to go to one of those big SEC schools to get drafted right away.”

And he knows the road to the show, can be years in the making.

“It’s a journey but you gotta be willing to take it,” he said. “I’m ready to grind. I’m ready to do it.”