Tigers v Golden Hurricanes. Why Memphis needs to be careful

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis looking to calm the weather storm, when they face the Golden Hurricanes of Tulsa. Tulsa, trying to muster up some home-field momentum, after their 7-point win vs Arkansas State, which was their lone win this season. Meanwhile, the Tigers of Memphis are clawing at an up-and-down year, trying to stay afloat. The Tigers are 3-2 on the year, and currently on a 2-game losing skid. If they were to lose to Tulsa, Memphis would lose 3 games in a row, which hasn’t happened since their 2015 campaign.

Taking a look at the Tigers’ 3-2 slate, more in-depth, 3-point losses to both UTSA and Temple. Memphis got off to a quick 21-0 lead in the first quarter, in the UTSA match. However, they simply ran out of stamina on the hunt, and were out-scored 24-7 in the 2nd half. In the Temple game, the Tigers QB, Seth Henigan, threw for 300 yards and 3 touchdowns. But similar to the UTSA plunder, Memphis got outscored in the 2nd half, and lost the turnover battle. The trend has been the last few weeks, the tiger claws get less sharp, the longer the game goes on.

All the Tiger fans can remember, what happened the last time Memphis faced at Tulsa. The Golden Hurricanes missed a game-winning field goal, and the Tigers were able to narrowly walk away with a 42-41 win. College Gameday visited Beale Street, the following week. Memphis played in the American Athletic Conference championship game, and the Cotton Bowl. Tulsa is wanting some sweet revenge, Memphis is wanting the nice moments to return, and that Blues music to keep playing.

What’s a positive going to this game vs Tulsa? Memphis is 4-1 against opponents who have an equal or worse record.

The key to victory, is something alluded to earlier, pedal to the metal all game long. Both the UTSA and Temple games were winnable at numerous situations, but the Tigers let the game slip away. In wins, Memphis has averaged 19 points in the 2nd half; when the Tigers lose, that number drops to under 10. Tulsa is 85th in the nation, in defense overall. The Golden Hurricanes have allowed 20 total touchdowns and 400 yards/per game. That game when Henigan was a man on a mission, Temple is 35th in total defense. Henigan should be in for a productive day, and lots of points will be scored, as a result.

Tulsa wants to avenge what happened last time. Memphis needs this win to get back on track.

Memphis 31

Tulsa 27

Looking ahead to the rest of the season, the Tigers have 4 games at home, compared to 2 on the road.

Home: Navy (Memphis 2 game win-streak in series), SMU (SMU 1 game win-streak in series), East Carolina (Memphis 2), Tulane (Tulane 1)

Road: UCF (Memphis 1), Houston (Memphis 5)