TIMELINE: Mid-South coronavirus updates April 11

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The impact of the novel coronavirus is being felt all across the Mid-South where new cases are being announced every day and new steps are being taken to help limit the spread. Keep checking back for the latest COVID-19 updates throughout the day.

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Below are the latest updates for Saturday, April 11

UPDATE (8:28 p.m.) The Arkansas Department of Health said there are 1,228 cases of the coronavirus in the state with 25 deaths and 346 people recovered.

UPDATE: (2:00 p.m.) The Tennesse Department of Health announced there are now 5,114 cases of the coronavirus in the state and 101 deaths with over 1,300 recovered.

UPDATE: (1:30 p.m.) Memphis BBQ Company and Prairie Fresh donated meals to Methodist South healthcare workers Saturday morning.

The pair donated 125 meals to workers to show their appreciation for the sacrifices they are making.

“We cannot imagine the sacrifices our local healthcare workers have made or the stress they are under during this trying time in our country," said Melissa Cookston, owner of Memphis BBQ Company. “We hope this lunch brought a small bit of comfort to their day and we look forward to working on more efforts like these at other facilities in the Mid-South."

The prepackaged meals of salads, sandwiches, and sides were delivered to the front door and received by grateful Methodist South employees.

UPDATE: (12:00 p.m.) The Shelby County COVID-19 Task Force gave a briefing Saturday about the coronavirus in the county.

The median age of deaths in the county is 65-years-old.

A city official said that the hospital numbers are at 50 percent capacity right now and still continues to prepare for a surge.

The task force encourages all health officials who do not work anymore, retired or keep up with their licensure, to go to the state’s website to learn how you can help.

The county has tested 12,500 people for COVID-19 with about 12 percent positive rate.

There are more cases between the ages of 21 to 30 with more females.

Carriage Court has eight cases of the coronavirus. The whole facility is in isolation until April 24.

The county has tested 15 of the 16 juveniles in the detention center and is working test the last one.

According to Vanderbilt’s numbers, Shelby County’s peak should hit by the end of May to early June.

The health department said they expect the county to be able to handle the surge with the help from the state and the Army Corps. of Engineers.

Chief McGowen said the city is stocked with PPE for their first responders and continues to get deliveries of PPE.

UPDATE: (10:30 a.m.) The Shelby County Youth Council released a video to inspire the county’s youth to stay at home during the “Stay at Home” order.

#901StayHome can be used on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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UPDATE: (10:20 a.m.) The Arkansas Department of Health said there are 1,226 cases of the coronavirus in the state with 24 deaths and 340 people recovered.

UPDATE: (10:10 a.m.) The Mississippi Department of Health said there are 2,642 cases of COVID-19 in the state and 93 deaths.

UPDATE: (10:00 a.m.) The Shelby County Health Department announced there are 1,147 with one new death, totaling 26 deaths.

UPDATE: (6:10 a.m.) The number of global cases peaked at over 1.7 million people with over 103,000 deaths and over 328,000 people recovered.

Arkansas saw a rise in numbers this week with over 1,200 cases in the state. Also, there are 24 deaths and 329 people who have recovered.

Mississippi also saw a peak in numbers this week with over 2,400 cases in the state. There have also been 82 deaths.

Tennessee has over 4,800 cases in the state with 98 deaths and over 1,100 peopled recovered.

The number of cases in Shelby County is over 1,000 with 26 deaths and 129 recovered.