TN Task Force in Louisiana for Sally assistance

HAMMOND, La. — As Hurricane Sally heads towards the coasts of Mississippi and Louisiana, help is also on the way from this area.

The Tennessee Task Force One left Sunday and is prepared to help should a disaster hit.

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According to Task Force Leader Colin Burress, with more projected hurricanes and storms, they could be pretty busy this year.

“Only thing you can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best,” said Burress.

Burress said his crew of firefighters, doctors and engineers are ready.

The group is stationed in Hammond, Louisiana. The crew is prepared to help with search and rescue efforts, medical care and more.

Almost three weeks ago, the team was in Lake Charles helping with hurricane Laura.

“You don’t go into being a firefighter, police officer or nurse if you don’t have something in you that wants to help people. It’s just a great feeling,” said Burress.

Buress said depending on what happens the crew could stay in Louisiana for a while.

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He’s also keeping an eye on other tropical formations in the gulf like Hurricane Paulette and Tropical Storm Teddy.

“There been times we go out the door, get back go home, wake up in the morning and get back out,” said Burress.

It' a job he said he was called to do.

“Its just an awesome feeling to go out and represent our families, represent the city and represent the fire department,” said Burress.

FOX13 will be keeping in touch with Tennessee Task Force One as they respond to the hurricane.