Toddler shot when unsecured gun fell and discharged in Memphis apartment, police say

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The worst happened Wednesday afternoon when police responded to a shooting on Bartlett Road.

A little girl was found shot, then rushed to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in critical condition.

ORIGINAL STORY: Toddler injured in Memphis apartment shooting, police say

According to MPD, the gun was inside a box that was knocked off a nightstand by the child.

Police said the mother tried to secure the gun, but it was too late, and the gun accidentally went off.

According to MPD, the little girl is in stable condition, and it doesn’t look like the mother will face charges.

Gun safety instructor Jonathan Cross said parents need to be extra diligent if a gun is in the home.

Cross said children are curious, which can lead to these situations.

“A child could be reaching for something else and inadvertently knock something off,” Cross said. “She knocked the safety off. Depending on what gun was in there, the quality of that gun would have an impact on whether or not the gun would fire too.”

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Cross said while some guns have drop safeties, other manufacturers don’t build these in.

He also said the quality of the safe and how the gun is stored inside is huge.

Cross said it’s important to secure the gun inside the safe unloaded.

“I’ve had a cheap safe that I could pry open with a butter knife,” he said. “That I know if I were to probably knock it off of a four, five-foot island or dresser or something, it very well could pop open.”

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Cross said parents need to make sure kids know what to do when they see a gun.

“Stop, don’t touch it. Leave the room. Tell an adult,” he said. “Drill that into your children.”