Drivers deal with traffic nightmare after I-40 bridge closure

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People who use the Hernando de Soto Bridge to get to and from work are dealing with a traffic nightmare.

It could last several months because of the bridge closure.

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Kishlay Mishra travels from Memphis to Blytheville for work every day. Now he’s trying to figure out his plan of action moving forward.

“Doing it a day or two, maybe a week is fine, but doing it for six months, it’s going to leave me with no time to do anything else,” said Mishra.

It usually takes Mishra an hour to drive from downtown Memphis to Blytheville, Arkansas, every day.

On Tuesday, he wanted to avoid the traffic nightmare on the I-55 bridge.

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“I ended up going through Dyersburg, which took about three hours to get through Mud Island,” said Mishra.

Mishra said his company will offer him a place to stay in Arkansas to make his life easier.

Other workers, like Marc King, aren’t as lucky.

“The only option is to ride a bike or do Zoom calls again. That’s the way I’ve been doing business for the past year,” said King.

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King works in West Memphis as a therapist.

He was about to start working in the office again, but then a crack in the Hernando de Soto Bridge bridge was discovered.

King said he’d rather work from home or bike to work. All he wants is for the bridge to be fixed as soon as possible.

“This is a real mess, wow,” said King. “It drives me nuts just to sit in standstill traffic listening to news. I have to keep moving.”