Tunica County residents gather to receive free groceries

WATCH: Tunica County residents gather to receive free groceries

TUNICA COUNTY, Miss. — Many organizations gathered to help families in Tunica County.

Every Thursday, those people line up around the Battle Arena to get help in the form of some much-needed groceries.

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Sheriff KC Hamp said since COVID-19 hit more than 10,000 people have been helped by receiving free groceries at the Battle Arena.

Cars lined up for at least two blocks Thursday. In the past, cars could be seen wrapped all around the building.

Much of it was because Tunica County was hit hard by the casino shut down.

“There are a lot of people here that didn’t qualify for unemployment,” said Suzanne Williamson, Tunica County resident. “They were not eligible and every little bit helps.”

The program helps those who are afraid to get out and shop due to preexisting health decisions and it helps those who otherwise may not have the funds.

“Because half of the people here cannot get out to do what they have to do because of the air and quarantine and I think that this is an alright thing that they are doing for the community,” Wanda Collins of Tunica County said.

Grocery giveaways are also done on the last Saturday of the month and those lines usually wrap all the way around the arena.

“Oh I think it’s fantastic and it’s helpful to the community. We’re just a family of two but we divvy up the food boxes between two other families that are in our neighborhood” Suzanne Williamson said.