Two businesses reopen after SCHD closed five due to COVID violations

WATCH: At least 2 businesses reopen after SCHD closed 5 due to covid violations

Five businesses were shut down over the weekend, accused of not following the Shelby County Health Department directives to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The health department said complaints and random inspections found customers were not social distancing or wearing masks.  

Some of those businesses pushed back demanding a re-inspection and were allowed to reopen after proving the complaints against them were false.  

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One of the establishments, The Dubai, a hookah shop was allowed to reopen once Dr. Bruce Randolph of the health department removed the notice that had it closed.

The same thing happened at the Menu Restaurant and Lounge, a full-service restaurant now back in business after the county health closed it Friday.  

“I was like what is going on.  I wasn’t sure what to think because we have been following protocols” said Chanice Garner, an employee at Menu.

The health department said it is inspected 11 restaurants across Shelby County.  It closed five of them located along Winchester Avenue in Hickory Hill.

Many of the business owners told FOX13 they had no idea they had done anything wrong.  

Rozell Grey, the manager at Dubai told FOX13 he suspected someone filed a false complaint against him.

"Wasn’t the first time, has happened once before. They came out and everything was cleared,” Grey said.

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When FOX13 caught up with Dr. Randolph he explained some of the complaints against the businesses. 

“The investigative team that took this action was that there was overcrowding, not wearing face coverings or masks,” Randolph said.

Dr. Bruce Randolph visited at least two of the locations that FOX13 knows of and explained to owners why they were closed temporarily.  

“Here are the things you need to correct, A, B and C to reopen," said Dr. Randolph.

Most of the business owners told FOX13 some of the complaints against them were for not having running water in the bathrooms which they insisted was not true.  

“We walked him through the restaurant and showed everything and explained how we are operating and in compliance with everything with the health department,” said Garner of The Menu.

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