Two federal unemployment programs set to end during holidays

WATCH: Thousands of Tennesseans still need unemployment benefits

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two federal unemployment programs are set to end in the middle of the holidays.

Right now, the state provides unemployment benefits through four separate programs.  Two are new federal programs.

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The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance or PUA provides benefits to workers not traditionally covered by unemployment insurance, including self-employed workers or contract workers.

The Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation provides up to an additional 13 weeks of unemployment after exhausting benefits in the Tennessee Unemployment Compensation Program to those who are eligible.

Deloris Pampley lost both her of her jobs during the pandemic. Panera Bread laid her off, and she left another fast food restaurant because of medical reasons.

WATCH: Two federal unemployment programs set to end in the middle of the holidays

Pampley said they did not let her come back when she tried to return. Now, she’s waiting on her unemployment benefits.

“Everything that I had, insurance on vehicle, on my health, I lost it," Pampley said. "just waiting on them.”

Even though Pampley found a part-time job at another fast-food chain recently, she still feared for others who need federal assistance.

“I think It’s cruel," Pampley said. "I really, really do, I think it’s really, really bad.”

The last day to claim benefits is the day after Christmas. Some people could lose that money before then if they reach the maximum number of weeks.