East Memphis apartment fire destroys 2 buildings, 8 units, MFD says

MEMPHIS, TN. — Several people were left without homes Sunday after towering flames consumed two East Memphis apartment buildings.

MFD said it happened at 6704 Wild Ridge Circle.

“I heard this loud boom, really loud boom,” Kathy Poppenheimer, who lived in one of the eight units burned in the fire, said. “I ran out of the apartment to the sliding glass door to look out at the parking lot and see what the boom was. There was a lady that said, ‘Your apartment is on fire, get out.’”

PHOTOS: Two firefighters treated at scene after Memphis apartment fire, MFD says

Firefighters said the blaze took two hours to extinguish.

“We did hear residents say they heard a loud noise and that’s why we are investigating, trying to get to the root cause of that,” Qwanesha Ward, a spokesperson for the Memphis Fire Department, said. “Right now, we are looking at about $550,000 worth of damages.”

Ward described the eight damaged units as a total loss.

She said no residents were injured, but two firefighters were treated for heat exhaustion.

“I’ll send some prayers out for everyone that put the fire out, especially the ones who got heat exhaustion,” Poppenheimer said.

She said she admired the first responders for putting out the fire but was reeling at the loss of her home. She plans to stay with her sister-in-law while she figures out what to do next.

“It was just devastating to watch everything you have go up in smoke,” she said. “I’ve already cried a few times. I guess I’m still in shock about this happening.”

Ward said the department is still trying to get in touch with everyone who lost their apartment in the fire. So far, one resident has applied for help from the Red Cross.

The fire department said further details will be released.