Two sides of confederate debate speak out in Oxford

WATCH: Two sides of confederate debate speak out in Oxford

There were two different groups protesting at Oxford square Saturday afternoon.

One side spoke out against the changing of the Mississippi state flag while the other hopes to see the removal of the confederate statue.

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Those in favor of the flag told FOX13 they voted on it years ago and that should be respected, meanwhile, those on the other side said change doesn’t stop with the flag.

“Once I started seeing the state flag everywhere and confederate flags, the battle flags, statues, that’s when it started to make me feel uneasy,” said Charles Brewer.

While growing up in Oxford, Charles Brewer said he didn’t understand the history behind the confederate flag until he was older.

K-Rack Johnson, also an Oxford native is on the other side of the flag discussion.

“Most people that look at the confederate flag and say it’s all racist they’re people that will never be happy,” he said. “They’re absolutely mad at the world.”

Johnson said he has an issue with the state flag changing.

Governor Tate Reeves signed a bill Tuesday to change the flag which features the confederate emblem.

“What happened this past weekend was an absolute travesty. To have some backroom deal by a bunch of politicians down in Jackson to basically tell me that my vote does not count,” said Johnson.

Johnson and Brewer were a part of two groups at Oxford square Saturday--one in support of the confederate statue and the other wanting it removed.

“We don’t feel like it embodies what the community is and it breeds hatred,” said Brewer. “It breeds the division of our town.”

“You can give them all they want to try to appease them and all they’ll do is want me. We’re here to say we’ve had enough,” said Johnson. “There’s nothing wrong with this memorial to fallen dead soldiers that are buried in trenches throughout the south.”

Johnson said confederate statues are to honor lives lost in the war.

“This a tombstone to those people’s families to come to and memorialize those family members that were lost to war,” he said.

Brewer thinks it should be left in the past.

“Let that be in the history book. Let that be in a museum. It should not have been the representation of our state,” said Brewer.

He said his work isn’t over until the statue is taken down.

“The state flag being removed gives us a little bit of hope,” Brewer told FOX13. “But we still know that as long as it’s up then the fight is not over.”

He said he plans on protesting at the square for as long as it takes.