U of M fans and students excited to celebrate a Stay at [Home]Coming

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s homecoming time at the University of Memphis.

But things will be a little different this year because of COVID-19. Instead, Tigers will celebrate a Stay at [Home]Coming.

The University of Memphis still wants homecoming to still be a special event.

William Price is the Assistant Athletic Director of Marketing and Promotions for the U of M.

“So, it’s really cool because essentially students and fans all over the country can experience homecoming starting on the 18 of October all the way to the 25th,” Price said.

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He said a virtual homecoming is the best way for fans to stay safe and have fun.

“So every day there’s something super unique and something they can do at home and be safe about it because we know that a lot of our fans are still dealing with the whole coronavirus pandemic and do I go out or do I not,” Price said.

And the week is packed out with fun activities.

From Aux Cord Wars to the Tiger football game against the Temple Owls, the week has activities for everyone.

Despite activities being virtual, students and fans are still excited.

“Drive-in movie, Tiger Lane, Black Panther,” said Justin Wilson.

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Wilson, Brian Gordon, and Brandon Collier are Tiger students and fans. The virtual activities are not going to stop them from enjoying the fun.

But they’re not the only ones.

Anna Grace Palmer, Caroline Buck and Aubrey Greer are also planning out the events they’ll participate in.

They commend the school for keeping traditions alive even in a pandemic.

“I think it’s great we’re still keeping our school’s tradition,” Buck said. “We’re not letting a pandemic stop us from being a university.”

As for who’s winning the big game, there’s only one right answer for Tiger faithful.

“Memphis of course. Tigers. Always,” the three said in unison.

If you are going to the Liberty Bowl Stadium for the game, be prepared to virtually tailgate.