University of Memphis custodians say they’re still not getting the PPP they need

Custodians at the University of Memphis told FOX13 they don't feel safe at work during the pandemic.

They're circulating a petition and letter asking the president to give them hazard pay and personal protective equipment.

FOX13 first reported the issue three weeks ago. Since our story aired…one custodian said she was given a mask or two but that’s about it.

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Now they are working with a union to get the protection they tell me they desperately need.

“We suffering and they are not,” said custodian Jennifer Allen.

Allen said she is scared to go into work every day but has no choice. She said she needs her job as a custodian at U of M.

“We have to buy our own masks bring our own protective clothes or shoes or anything like that,” said Allen.

About three weeks ago she told FOX13 she has to buy her own masks and has no hazard pay. She said little has changed since.

The custodians are also asking for transparency about whether they are cleaning a building where someone tested positive for COVID-19.

University of Memphis custodian Javaris Blakely said, “It’s just a safety issue and we want everyone to respect that, respect the laws, and respect us too as humans.”

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FOX13 reached out to the university when our story first aired. And we reached out again Wednesday but have not heard back.

The custodians said they want to be treated with respect just like the administrators at the university.

“I don’t want to come over here catch something and come home and give it to the children,” Blakely said.

The United Campus Workers Union plans on getting more signatures before sending their letter and petition to the president of the U of M.

FOX13 called, emailed, and texted the spokesperson with the university. We will add their reply to this story when we hear back.

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