U.S Postal Office employee stabs coworker multiple times, police say

Hernando, MS — A north Mississippi postal worker is behind bars, accused of attacking her supervisor with a screwdriver.

It had the post office in Hernando closed for part of the day and neighbors wondering what was going on.

Investigators believe it all had to do with a time-off request.

Hernando Police said postal worker Tamekia Lashea Scott stabbed her supervisor multiple times with a screwdriver, including at least one time in the head.

It happened at the post office on West Commerce Street around 9:00 Tuesday morning.

Several people in the area said when they got to work, they saw an ambulance and police cars but had no idea there was a stabbing at the post office.

Hernando Police say it appears Scott and the victim had a disagreement over a day off before the attack.

They say Scott tried to drive away afterward, but other postal workers used their cars to block her in until officers could get there.

Investigators booked Scott into the DeSoto County Jail for aggravated assault.

The postmaster is expected to make a full recovery, police say.

Investigators with the US Postal Service said they have taken over the case because it falls under federal jurisdiction.

The post office did reopen after investigators cleared the scene.