Vandals target areas of Germantown with graffiti, officials say

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — Germantown officials are investigating spray-paint graffiti in several areas of the city.

The graffiti happened over the last several weeks, primarily along the easternmost area of the city, including at Houston High School, officials said.

Crews have also been alerted to graffiti on signs and in restrooms along the Germantown Greenway.

Crews from both the Public Works Department and General Services have spent hours working to clean up the vandalism, officials said.

Per the City’s Code of Ordinances, graffiti is considered a nuisance; however, it also redirects City resources and costs taxpayer dollars when crews have to spend time cleaning it up, officials said.

If you see graffiti around the city, report it to 901.757.7200.

If residents have information that could lead to an arrest, call Germantown Police at 901.754.7222 or press *52 on your cell phone.