Veterans honored in annual wreath-laying ceremony at Memphis National Cemetery

WATCH: Veterans honored in annual wreath-laying ceremony at Memphis National Cemetery

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The VA honored veterans on Memorial Day with an annual wreath-laying ceremony at Memphis National Cemetery.

This year was a little different than past years because it wasn’t open to the public.

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“Even with the wreath-laying ceremony being closed to the public, people still made their way to Memphis National Cemetery to pay their respect,” said James Crumbley, visiting the cemetery.

“It’s special because it’s the love. The soldiers fought and died for the country and the families still have those memories. So, it’s a good thing. It’s the love.”

People told us this Memorial Day is different in certain ways but what remains is the respect for the servicemen and women who fought for the United States of America.

“For today, I have just one request to help us keep alive the memories alive of the soldiers lost in our nation’s wars,” said Amanda Rhodes Wharton.

We spoke with people who for years have come to Memphis National Cemetery on Memorial Day to witness the wreath-laying.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all 142 National Cemeteries did not allow the public to attend to keep from having large crowds.

Families also visited loved ones buried at Corinth National Cemetery.

“These are my family members one is a veteran; one is a child,” said Randel Pass, visiting cemetery. “I don’t know what that says about life but it’s something to think about.”

“Let the world know what that person means to you and what they meant to our nation.”