Veteran’s online suicide raises social media concerns

MISSISSIPPI — A Mississippi veteran’s suicide streamed online continues to raise questions about the accountability of social media platforms.

Last month Ronnie McNutt committed suicide on Facebook Live.

FOX13 found out one of his friends has taken up a campaign to have Facebook held accountable for the suffering of family and friends that followed the video being spread.

Joshua Steen believed Facebook dropped the ball multiple times by not taking down his friend’s suicide.

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“So they didn’t stop the live stream in time and they were notified and they didn’t intervene and secondly it took them two hours and forty-one minutes to remove the final video from the platform after hundreds if not thousands of reports to the system,” said Steen.

According to Steen, McNutt was an army veteran who served in Iraq and suffered from PTSD.

Steen called the video the worst thing he has ever seen.

He talked to Mississippi legislators about what can be done to hold Facebook accountable for the fact that the horrific video went viral.

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“And because of that Facebook is directly responsible for the clips of that video being circulated globally in viral capacities on social networks including Facebook and Instagram and TikTok and elsewhere,” Steen said.

Steen said the fact that the video is out there has prevented McNutt’s family from finding any peace.

“And the trolls and the Bots that are bringing it back up and sending it directly to their attention,” Steen said.