Donuts on the interstate: Video goes viral after cars purposely shut down Memphis interstate

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis drag racing, profiled in a FOX13 investigation, is being back into the spotlight after a group was filmed Saturday night on Interstate 240 near Walnut Grove Rd.

Police call it dangerous and want it stopped.

It doesn’t take long after the video starts to tell what is going on as you can see traffic backed up as the person recording pans behind them. The person, who posted the video to social media, declined to be interviewed and asked not to be identified.

The Memphis Police Department confirms they’ve opened an investigation, though they did not say whether they have any leads or any way of tracking down suspects.

Drag racing in Memphis was profiled previously by FOX13′s Greg Coy in an investigation in May.

At the time, the video showed a person shooting a gun at a strip mall parking lot on Summer Ave. as gunshots could be heard.

Police believed drag racing in Memphis was made more popular by the Discovery Channel television show “Street Outlaws: Memphis.”

Memphis Police were called just after 10 p.m. Saturday for reports of the cars doing donuts on the interstate.

Multiple people across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have shared this video and others like it. The video we got permission to use has received almost 7,500 shares as of 2:10 P.M. Sunday.

There have been no arrests made, police said. It is an ongoing investigation.

Memphis Police said:

We encourage anyone who witnesses this type of behavior to call and report it to the proper authorities.