Virtual learning creates opportunity for local tutors

Watch: Virtual learning creates opportunity for local tutors

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Business is booming for Shenay Nolan, co-founder of “Two Girls Tutoring”. With parents preparing for at-home learning, she says parents are looking for a little help.

“Especially since the pandemic, I would say I noticed probably at the end of the spring, like once the schools shut down there was an extra,” Nolan said.

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Her partner, Melanie Hawkins, told FOX13 it’s an adjustment for parents, especially for those who have multiple school-aged children.

“Especially when you have students who are in different age, different grades, we can help with that,” Hawkins said. “Parents aren’t really equipped for that type of stuff because they weren’t prepared for a pandemic and for school to shut down.”

There’s also the balancing act parents face with their own work.

“I think it gives parents a relief to not be as stressed,” Nolan said. “Because a lot of parents are wondering how am I going to work from home as well as teach my child and make sure they’re getting the education that they have to have.”

Hawkins says each student has their own learning style.

She says virtual learning may leave a void for those who need that face to face interaction and additional help usually afforded in the traditional school setting.

“Tutoring really offers that one-on-one time and really kind of crafts lesson plans around student’s needs,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins added tutoring during a pandemic can help keep students focused while faced with distractions at home.

“I think some students kind of struggle with self-discipline and kind of staying on task when they’re home,” Hawkins said. “Tutoring, really, we have to sit down and come up with a schedule and it really holds students accountable.”

Nolan and Hawkins are running a special where the first month is free. After the month, the rate is $20 per hour. Their services are for grades Pre-K through 7.

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