‘WastePro has completely failed us,’ Mayor Strickland speaks on Memphis trash crisis

Memphis, Tenn. — Time is ticking on picking up trash in Memphis. Mayor Jim Strickland says he believes there’s now a timeframe for when they will be fully caught up.

“We feel like in about 10 days we would have caught up. That’s about the time that we have to make a final decision on WastePro,” said Mayor Strickland.

Saturday, the city signed a temporary contract with a private entity called TeamWaste.

The mayor says they’re working with city employees still trying to catch up with the need. Strickland says they’re working overtime to take care of the areas that have not been serviced.

“WastePro has completely failed us. They are not doing the job. We gave them, under the contract, time to remedy, but it doesn’t seem like they’re doing it,” said Strickland.

Under the contract, WastePro has until Saturday to either fix the problem or they would be in violation of the contract. The city is working to see if right WastePro has violated the contract, by stopping their work.

The mayor says city workers will work to service areas that need trash pickup over the weekend. The decision that determines what happens with the city’s partnership with WastePro will happen in two weeks.