“We are the 74” pushing for special legislative session to address medical marijuana initiative

NORTH MISSISSIPPI — Some Mississippi voters are pushing back after the state supreme court overturned a plan for medical marijuana in the Magnolia State.

A new movement aims to get lawmakers and voters to push for a special legislative session to straighten things out.

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Zack Wilson is head of the North Mississippi part of We are the 74. The group’s name refers to the 74 percent of voters who in November supported Initiative 65, which established a medical marijuana program in the state.

Last week, the state supreme court struck down the vote saying the process used to get the initiative on the ballot is outdated.

“The citizens, for a lack of a better term, are highly upset. They feel like we did all this work to get something passed. We petitioned and we got people out of their seats, and the highest voter turnout in Mississippi, and it passes by a landslide and it is struck down on a technicality,” Wilson said.

Wilson tells us supporters of Initiative 65 have been wearing out his phone.

“The battery has got to be charged four or five times a day. It’s a lot of work, but it’s something I am passionate about,” Wilson said.

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Wilson said he has money invested in the pot-growing industry, and he knows people who could benefit from medical marijuana. He said “We are the 74″ wants a special legislative session to make sure the state’s medical marijuana and initiative programs are restored.

Wilson told FOX13 he is looking for a lawmaker to speak at a rally Tuesday morning in front of the supreme court in Jackson.

“Everybody’s with us, saying they are with us and they have called to say they are with us and have reached out to us, and when I ask them to come speak or to be put on our flyer and to stand up for the people, they won’t do it. They are afraid they will get blackballed,” Wilson said.

Wilson says the group is concerned with the fact that by getting rid of Initiative 65, the supreme court has removed the ability for the people’s voice to be heard.