‘We are just here to love on Memphis’: local church gives community free gas

Watch: Local church gives community free gas

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We’ve heard the story in the bible when Jesus turned water into wine.

Thursday, a local church strived to be like Jesus and gave free gas.

“Hallelujah. my goodness,” said Bishop Ed Stephens, Golden Gate Cathedral Pastor, “That is just down the street about 150 something cars over here. All those down there. It’s just a blessing.”

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His church is the heart of the Frayser.

Several volunteers from his church pumped free gas into cars with extremely grateful drivers behind the wheel.

People who got word about free gas began to line up five hours before the giveaway started.

“This something Memphis needed,” said Jackie Hicks recipient of free gas. “So many people are out of work. So many people are desperate for things like this. This is a blessing.”

Hicks said since the beginning of the pandemic money is extremely tight.

Each car received at least 12 gallons of gas.

“It can go a long way for me,” Hicks said. “I promise you it can, especially back and forward to the doctor.”

Stephens said the gas giveaway is one of several projects his church took on to help people during the health crisis.

The pastor said more than 8,000 people were given food from past food pantries held at the church.

“We are just here to love on Memphis,” Stephens said. “Love on the people of Memphis as a result of the impact of the coronavirus.”

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