“We got lucky”: Massive tree narrowly misses East Memphis home

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Broken tree limbs and power lines filled several streets across Memphis Thursday, and some of these trees barely missed homes.

“I was at work, and she sent me some pictures, and I was like, oh lord,” said Sam Wright, who came back home from work to a 30-foot tree in his front yard.

He said his wife and small children were inside when the tree uprooted and toppled into the yard, narrowly missing his home.

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“It’s just one of those things. I knew there was a lot of big oak trees in the area, and we’ve seen it happen before,” said Wright. “We got lucky. We got really lucky. God was watching over us for sure.”

And Wright said he’s lucky to have help cleaning it all up.

“We have some really good neighbors. They helped us pull some limbs out of the driveway. And had a couple buddies come by, and we were able to get some chainsaws running and get the driveway cleared,” said Wright.

Just a few minutes away, more tree branches covered front yards off Wilbec Road.

“Came out, and mother nature trimmed it up for me,” said Johnny Dale Graves.

Graves said he lost power around 7:30 Thursday morning and didn’t know how quickly it would be back on. But fortunately, he said they have a generator.

“At least we’ll have a little bit of heat and everything a lot of people don’t,” said Graves.

Both families say they’re grateful the damage wasn’t worse.