West Memphis offers drive-thru service to help with 2020 Census

WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. — West Memphis city leaders are doing everything possible to get residents to complete census data in the community where numbers are low.

Community leaders also gave away free personal protective equipment at their drive-thru event Thursday.

They gave away masks, hand sanitizers, and gloves - 1,000 items each.

Residents said the drive-thru service where they can complete their census forms was helpful. 

Census data determines who gets federal funding.  That extra money can help residents during a pandemic who are facing issues like job loss or the need for extra funds for rent, the mortgage, or light bill.

“These numbers can only be used for the census, whether or not you get any type of government assistance or anything,” said West Memphis Mayor Marco McClendon.

McClendon told FOX13 only 51 percent of people completed their census data.  He said he wants to help increase those numbers.