Westy’s restaurant staff and volunteers feed 1,000 families this Thanksgiving

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some families turned to volunteers for the first time ever after losing their jobs during this pandemic.

Westy’s Restaurant in downtown Memphis joined Lindenwood Christian Church and Operation Barbecue for their free annual Thanksgiving dinner.

The turnout was unbelievable as volunteers prepared to feed about 1,000 families.

A mother and father who didn’t want to talk on camera stood in line with their children after one of the parents lost their job during the pandemic.

Volunteers gave away more than food.

Countless people like Eroll Davis said the clothes he received meant everything.

“I’m homeless, I’ve been out here for a while, Oh, I tell you, it’s cold and I really need some gloves, coats hats, shoes to put on,” Davis said.

“Makes you thankful, you’re thankful that you have a city, an area that cares this much, you’re sad that there’s so much need in the city, you do what you can to make Memphis a better place,” said Dallas Minner; a coordinator.

Since 2004, Westy’s and sponsors served more than 30,000-holiday meals to families in need.