What are health professionals saying about COVID-19?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — With the fall surge here for COVID-19, we spoke to health professionals about how testing is going, how many people are getting tested daily, any backlogs in test results, the popularity of rapid testing and if rapid testing is reliable or not.

We spoke to someone with Christ Community Health and AFC Urgent Care.

Here is the information we got from Methodist Hospital about testing there.

What is the current testing rate at Methodist? How many people are getting tested a day?

  • For the month of November, our test positivity rate at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare is 12%.
  • On average, we administer 600 COVID-19 tests a day across the MLH system. It’s important to note that MLH was never intended to be set up for community testing. Our drive-thrus are intended as an alternative to our Emergency Departments for people experiencing symptoms or for patients scheduled for an operation/procedure at one of our facilities. We also continue to test all patients who are admitted to an MLH hospital, as we have done since the end of April.

Have you guys seen an increase in testing since the summer?

  • The average number of COVID-19 tests administered across the MLH system is roughly the same as during the summer.

Is there a backlog in test results?

  • No.

What is the typical turnaround for test results?

  • 10 hours is our current average turnaround time.

Does Methodist offer rapid COVID-19 testing?

  • At MLH, rapid testing is only done for patients in emergency situations such as an unplanned emergency procedure or unexpected birth – as a couple examples. At this time, it is not available to the public.

From Christ Community, they are testing about 1,000 people daily right now.

Over the summer, they were testing about 600 people a day, so they are definitely seeing an increase in testing.

Turnaround for results is about 24-48 hours, they are not experiencing any testing backlog.

AFC Urgent Care does rapid covid testing. They administer about 30-35 rapid test a day, it’s an appointment based too. They started rapid testing in June.