What happens if the I-55 Bridge shuts down due to an emergency?

MEMPHIS, TENN. — West Memphis Emergency Management Director Dewayne Rose said there’s no way around it, having just the I-55 bridge open is a major inconvenience.

“With 40 being shut down, I-55 is our plan b,” Rose said. “When I-55 shuts down there is no alternative route.”

This was the case Wednesday morning when MPD shut down the bridge for a police situation.

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“Unless you want to go a large way out of your way,” Rose said. “You can go down to Helena and cross over. You can go up to Caruthersville and cross over.”

Rose said plans are in place for these moments.

He said dispatchers in West Memphis and Memphis are working together to efficiently respond to incidents and direct the flow of traffic.

“Both of our dispatch centers are able to monitor the traffic, so we’re able to see those real live videos of what’s going on up there on the interstate,” Rose said.

Rose told FOX13 the impact of the I-40 Bridge being shutdown is widespread.

From everyday commuters for work, truckers and emergency crews.

Rose said patience is key.

“The inconvenience factors start coming into play,” he said. “The short temperedness and the road rage incidents will add up. It’s a triple effect on down. "