‘What we going to do about parents that work:’ More parents express concern after SCS delays

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some parents who work full-time jobs are concerned about Shelby County School’s decision to delay in-person learning.

Several parents, who spent months making alternate plans, thought this Friday would end virtual learning for their child.

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A Memphis mother said she’s really stressed out because she works until 5 p.m. every night and was hoping her kids would return to school next week.

“I’d rather for them to go to school inside the building so they get the love, the bond they need with their teachers,” said parent Dominique Greer.

Greer is frustrated because she is a mom with a full-time job who planned on sending her kids back to in-person learning on February 8th.

“What we going to do about parents that work, trying to survive for their kids?” asked Greer.

“Parents who make sure their kids get an education, waking their kids up early in the morning so they can be online before they go to work.”

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Right now, Greer is looking at other options including learning centers for her kids while she’s at work but said it’s only a temporary fix.

“These centers not guaranteed to be open, centers are running out of funds that’s not going to work,” said Greer.

While Greer is concerned about the in-person learning delay, other parents are relieved.

Several parents didn’t want their children returning at this time.

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In fact, a recent SCS survey showed only 32 percent of students planned on returning to in-person learning.

Again, SCS has said they’re weighing multiple factors in their decisions and it’s a difficult process.

Greer knows it’s not easy, but for her, sending her kids back to school would have made life, for her and her kids, just a little easier.

“Them babies need to be inside the building, they need to see the teacher to understand the teacher,” said Greer.

FOX13 requested an interview with SCS Superintendent Dr. Ray but an SCS spokesperson said he wasn’t available.


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