‘White Lives Matter’ signs found in progressive Midtown neighborhood

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some neighbors in the Cooper-Young area of Memphis are outraged after noticing stickers placed on traffic signs that they believe are racially charged.

“I think the neighbors are generally against this kind of stuff.  Again, it’s like poking a finger in somebody’s eye, just causing aggravation for no reason at all. I don’t think there’s any violent intent or anything, but it’s just causing a stink” said Cooper-Young resident Chip Armstrong.

The stickers were placed on the signs by members of the White Lives Matter Tennessee organization.  The organization said in a statement to FOX13 that its goal is to protect white children.  They said their organization was started in April of 2021.  They said they promote an anonymous, legal and peaceful initiative.

“I wasn’t expecting that. It makes me feel unwelcomed,” said Rod Johnson, a driver.

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FOX13 first reported the same stickers which had been distributed in Germantown.  The WLM organization issued its statement in response to that story.

“Again, it’s like we know that. So, there’s no need to like clarify that oppose to, like in opposition, to black lives matter which is like all they seem to be doing,” said Cooper-Young resident Chelsea Sommer.

Johnson said the stickers are alarming.

“It makes the city look bad. We’re all supposed to be together, especially during these times when there are a lot of racist things going on. No that should not be up,” said Johnson.