Whitehaven homeowner wants city to clean up mess crews left in front of home

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Whitehaven homeowner wants the city to clean up the mess crews left behind in front of his home.

The homeowner, Carl Stokes, said crews dug a hole in front of his house to fix a leak issue last year but he’s not happy with how it was repaired.

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“It’s frustrating, I mean I’m at the point too where I’m beyond angry. I don’t see anything taking this long,” said Stokes.

Stokes said he made phone calls and sent several emails to the city since last October.

He also showed FOX13 a hole cut in the middle of his sidewalk off Brockwood Cove.

“It’s like the whole street has been like a warzone and we can’t get anyone to come out and fix it,” said Stokes.

Stokes said it all started last year when city crews dug a hole in the road to fix a leak issue.

He said the hole was filled in very poorly so he started to experience issues.

The mail stopped getting delivered and garbage trucks skip his house to avoid hitting the hole

“We’ve come home to where we don’t get mail, the lights are off and we go to the post office because the cut-off notice wasn’t mailed to us,” said Stokes.

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Stokes said he called the city public works office several times in October then emailed a complaint in April showing pictures of the eyesore.

He received a response asking for his address and said crews came to his house but the problem was never fixed.

He emailed the city again last Friday.

On Monday, he was told the problem will be fixed on Friday.

He said he’s skeptical after months of broken promises by the city

“We are hostages of the city. The city is holding us hostage so it’s kinda like anything we can do is constantly call, constantly call,” said Stokes.

FOX13 reached out to the city of Memphis.

A spokesperson said public works is aware of the issue and is looking into this situation.

FOX13 asked the city about how long it will take to make repairs and if they received emails from the homeowner but we didn’t hear back.