WHO recommends the fully vaccinated continue to wear masks to protect against Delta variant

MID-SOUTH — The World Health Organization recommends people wear masks even if they have been fully vaccinated because there are growing concerns about the Delta variant. On the other hand, the CDC says those who have been fully vaccinated don’t have to wear masks.

FOX13 reached out to local health officials to see whose guidelines they are following.

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The Shelby County Health Department said they follow CDC guidelines that say those who have been fully vaccinated do not have to wear masks.

In Mississippi, state health leaders have only said those who are immunocompromised should consider wearing masks.

John Koch of Nesbit told FOX13 there are too many opinions.

”I am concerned about them going back and forth, and people are getting confused on the different protocols and masking or not masking or social distancing or not social distancing. It seems like it has become way too political this last 18 months,” Koch said.

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Many people told FOX13 the decision whether or not to wear a mask shouldn’t be left up to the WHO or the CDC. They said it’s a personal thing.

”I think it is significant to people who want to wear a mask,” said Southaven resident Frederick Ard. “It’s something about breathing in your own air to me that because as you are breathing out and breathing in the toxins you breathed out.”

Ard says it doesn’t matter what the WHO or CDC think. People will do as they please.

”You know we are living in a world where don’t nobody listen right now,” Ard said.

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FOX13 reached out to the Arkansas Health Department to see where they stand on recommendations with the WHO and CDC. We have not heard back yet.