Long lines forming at some Memphis gas stations following shortage fears

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Have you noticed long lines at the pump?

There are reports across the country of panic buying of gas.

The governor of Virginia even declared a state of emergency because of the potential for a gas shortage across after a ransomware attack on one the nation’s largest pipelines. A ransomware attack is when a group, in this case, a group called the Darkside, according to the FBI, holds data hostage until the victim pays a ransom.

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The Colonial Pipeline provides gas and jet fuel from New York to Texas.

But what about here in Memphis? Are we seeing the same demand here in Shelby County?

Tuesday evening there were about six lanes and cars stretching out one Costco parking lot.

Some people told FOX13 they are concerned we may see a shortage and decided to fill up before it was too late.

“I heard there was going to be a shortage,” Debbie Wright of Cordova said. “That’s why I decided to fill up today, just to be on the safe side, and then I see this. There’s a lot of people.”

FOX13 spoke to one woman who said her tank was on ‘E’ and was shocked to see such long lines.

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“Stay home,” said Tabitha Lee. “There’s no need to come out. We’re not going to run out of gas anytime soon. Well, I am!” she laughed.

FOX13 spoke with a gas station clerk, who said he hasn’t seen particularly high demand at his store.

“Just relax and wait and see what’s going to happen. See how everything goes,” said clerk Donald Boyd.

The question is whether drivers in the Mid-South need to worry.

Leaders are urging people not to panic-buy because it may only make things worse.

We also have the Valero Memphis Refinery.

FOX13 wanted to know if that could potentially help ease the blow to our region, so we reached out for a statement. So far no one has gotten back to us. THis story will be updated when they do.