Will forcing people out of Peppertree Apartments solve the crime problem?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some tenants at a crime-ridden Whitehaven apartment complex may soon have to pack up and leave.

In an attempt to reduce ongoing crime, Peppertree Apartments cannot renew current leases and cannot take on new tenants.      

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Mayor Jim Strickland said the City would offer help to displaced people, but some are concerned that forcing people out of the apartments may not solve the crime issue, just disperse it throughout the city.

“It ain’t Peppertree doing that. It’s the people that’s in Peppertree,” Peaches, who works at an assisted living facility near the Peppertree Apartments in Whitehaven, told FOX13.

She is concerned that displacing tenants will not solve the crime issue within the apartment complex.

”It’s going to be chaos from over there to the next area,” said Peaches. 

In the last year and a half, Memphis Police say they have received 1,600 calls about issues at Peppertree on Graceland Drive. 

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To reduce crime, the City of Memphis announced on Tuesday that Peppertree Apartments would no longer be allowed to accept new tenants or renew current leases. 

“Unfortunately, it is going from one confined area, and now it’s disseminated across the whole city,” said crime analyst Mike Collins,

Collins agrees with moving people but believes the city must also offer additional resources to stamp out the violence. 

“The resources should be expanded into educating everyone as it relates to this particular issue. It should be additional and follow up,” said Collins. 

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“It’s not everybody, don’t get me wrong, but a lot of them make it bad for everybody,” said Peaches.

FOX13 has tried to reach Tesco Properties, which runs Peppertree Apartments, several times for comment about what is happening. The company has not responded.

Tesco Properties is due in court Monday.