With no ICU beds available, Memphis radio host dies after arriving at hospital 100 miles away, friend says

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis is missing the voice of a longtime radio DJ who passed away this week.

Chris Jarman died Tuesday.

His best friend talked to FOX13 about Jarman’s life and his final moments.

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Shana Crittenden said she first connected to Chris Jarman through music. He was a radio host at 98.1 The Max. She told FOX13 she’ll never forget what happened Tuesday morning.

“It just happened so quickly, like it would if you’re with a baby or toddler,” she said. “I heard him scream and the next thing I know he was laying down and we went straight into CPR.”

We’re told he suffered a heart attack. He was quickly taken to the local hospital in West Memphis, Arkansas.

“They didn’t have the tools or the equipment for the severe case that he had,” Crittenden said. “So there’s no ICU beds in the Mid-South. All the way down to Oxford, none.”

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She said the closest available bed was 2 hours away in Batesville. There was no available transport by helicopter, so they had to drive.

“Now we had to get him there. The doctor said it would be a miracle. He was very truthful and transparent,” Crittenden said.

She told FOX13 miraculously they got there in time due to the help of a local ambulance service, but Jarman didn’t have long to live. He passed away at the hospital.

Jarman was 50 years old.

Crittenden said she’s thankful for the outpour of support from the community.

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“The people that have reached out, the people that I do know and don’t know has been overwhelming,” she said. “310 messages on Facebook messenger and Instagram. ‘We love Jar. We love Jar.’”

Funeral plans are still being finalized. Crittenden said was at the funeral home all day Thursday with the family working out the details.

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